Money Making Websites: How to Create ATMs from Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is one of the best examples of income generating websites. As an affiliate marketer, you get your own website to promote and earn money when someone buys something from it.
However, if it were really that easy, more people would be successful with affiliate marketing. In this article we want to give you an example of how you can convert a website that makes money into an ATM and be successful as an affiliate marketer.
The real key to being successful with affiliate marketing comes down to two things. 1. Get a lot of traffic and play the numbers game. This is how most affiliates try to do it.
They use the website that comes with the affiliate program and try to promote it directly online. The main problem with this strategy is that most affiliate marketers don’t get enough traffic to generate a sale. When you are strictly based on internet traffic, you have to think in terms of large numbers. You also need to know how many visitors are needed before one becomes a buyer customer.
The only way your affiliate website becomes an income generating site in this example is if you  motivation get a lot of traffic. Most affiliate marketers think too small and never generate enough significant traffic to generate sales.
2. Make a pre-sale to your customers before moving them to the affiliate website. All you have to do is look at the top affiliate producers on any show to see that this is the best strategy.
There are several ways to pre-sell to your customers. For example, you can write review articles and post them on your blog, where readers can view the article before going to the sales page.
You can also promote landing pages and build an email marketing list. Use your emails to pre-sell to your leads before sending them to your affiliate website.
Both email marketing and review pages are great ways to warm up your customer before moving them to your affiliate sales page. When you do this, you can get by with less traffic and your conversion rates will be higher because you have pre-sold to your visitor.
Once you have your own system in place, you can earn as much money as you want. It’s still about getting visitors to some degree, but you can go into more niches and create even more websites that make more money.